Alleged PM candidate for Congress - UPA    MP from Amethi - Mr. Rahul Gandhi Picture source - CnnIbnLive website

Alleged PM candidate for Congress – UPA MP from Amethi – Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Picture source – Ibn Live website)


Some Astonishing Statistics of MP from Amethi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi

And this Dictatorial Dynast wants to be our Prime Minister hahahah check it out –

1-Questions asked by the MP in the last 5 years – 0 yes ”ZERO” !!

2-Attendance in Parliament – 43% (FAIL)

3-Attendance in important Standing committee sessions- 14% (EPIC FAIL)

4-MP funds utilization- spent 54% (JUST PASS)

5-Parliament Score card 0 3.5/10 (FAIL)

6-Perception of Amethi voters – 5-6/10 (JUST PASS)

7-Ranking out of 371 people Rahul G ranks 355 !!! (NO COMMENTS)

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Also, during the last week, after an army of AAP followers forced Wikileaks to give a clarification on their leaks on Narendra Modi, the official twitter handle of wikileaks tweeted at least 5 tweets on Indian politics, where four of them were on Narendra Modi, which the media very smartly picked up and played it over and over during the day, the missed out this very essential tweet and the shared link by wikileaks.

Check out what Wiki Leaks website said about Shri. Rahul Gandhi,

The whole of the social media was ABUZZ about what wiki leaks said or did not say about Narendra Modi but when it came about LEAK on a person from THE FAMILY, Media has maintained a shrill silence  since a very long time-


This is what Wikileaks cable had to say about Rahul Gandhi

This is what WikiLeaks Said about Rahul Gandhi in its 2005 Cable  (Source – Wikileaks

The Credibility of the wikileaks information is Verifiable here – ( )

The Nation has the duty to elect the right person for the Prime Minister’s job

It is essential to have a very good back ground check of the top candidates for the job.

This Election – Choose Wisely



Rajdeep, all media houses including yours have interviewed and questioned Opposition Party leaders, right from the smallest MLA to the Leader of Opposition (LoP). The two LoPs; Arun Jaitly and Sushma Swaraj in-fact are so accessible, and are even very vocal about their views on blogs and even on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  You have also question even the tallest leaders of political party in the opposition. Be it L. K.Advani  or Narendra Modi , Nitin Gadkari or even the BJP Party President Rajnath Singh. It is a totally different matter whether the questioning is done rightly or wrongly, but it is done- in a robust manner.

Rajdeep Sardesai - Is he helping in protecting Sonia, Congress and her party colleagues?

(Image Courtesy- CnnIbn Website)

But why is it so that never in this existing life have Indian’s seen any media house or journalist including you question the Party Leaders of the ruling party with the same vigor? Why is it that you take such a partisan stand and never question the President of the Ruling party Sonia Gandhi ever? And Rahul Gandhi too shielded until few weeks ago- (not shielded after he shot his mouth off in a questionable number of times).

Why is it that you have allowed Sonia Gandhi to be untouchable to any media scrutiny? And not just Sonia it goes for many congress members, like Ashvini Kumar’s return to normal work with the PM even after vetting the CBI report before submitting it to the Supreme Court, Abhishek Manu Singhvi Returned after the ugly episode of him in the the Supreme court Chambers, and the list is endless.

This comes as a stark contrast when we see debates after debates on what Modi’s one sentence or one flip flop – in a two hour long address become breaking news.  Which often become media fodder for days and weeks. Also invoking intervention from such a diverse backgrounds. So it is difficult to not attribute motives to media, when you see people and journalists with colored agendas, representation from minority communities, or NGOs with little credibility, they all find space on your tv panel discussions. It is almost as if the MEDIA is building up hate for BJP – Modi on all sections of people on one hand and The one-who-cannot-be-named policy for Sonia Gandhi with ZERO Questions Asked. She is in public life and cannot escape responsibility if journalists like you worth your salt go behind her. And as the phrase goes, which  applies to Sonia, Manmohan, Rahul and the ruling congress the most is

”if you cannot stand the heat (media questioning) she shouldnt be in the kitchen?”

So in short – ”Rajdeep, why is it so that never in this existing life have Indian’s seen any media house or journalist including you question and goes after the Party Leaders of the ruling party specifically party president Sonia Gandhi the way in which you (as in media in general) hound Narendra Modi ?”