Congress leaning TOI – Here’s the proof


Are You Reading Paid or Biased or Coloured News

See the Brazen bias by The Times of India

Gullible people believe this Congress news paper and then term the news they read as ”facts”

Salman Khan said to an interview to Headlines Today – That he is really impressed by the development in Gujarat and happy to see the way Modi and his staff treated people especially women, he was all praises for Narendra Modi but he did not want to name the PM or say any thing against any PM nominee as , he says –

I do not want to go into the PM issue AS Any statement from me would influence millions of people –

where as headline in the times of India (page 8) was

”Modi needn’t apologize for riots for I don’t back him for PM post – Salman”


Courtesy – Narendra Modi website

It would be excellent if Salman Khan or Modi or BJP or the press council or even the election commission take cognizance

e and required action against this news paper as this is not the first instance at the open bias showed by The Times of India newspaper.

Also Will TIMES NOW now question their own conscience and their own sister print newspaper for this open bias?

Do we call this as #PaidMedia by Congress which is promoting anti-Narendra Modi agendas and influencing millions of people by repeatedly serving them with Anti- Modi news DAILY ON THEIR BREAKFAST TABLE !

We need fair and balanced Journalists and Media Houses and We all need to speak up against biased journalism by writing to their editors of respected media house and/or the Election Commission (as it is election season)  and/or complaining to the Press Council of India here ->

Address your complaints or inquiries to :
The Secretary,
Press Council of India,
Soochna Bhavan, 8-C.G.O. Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Email :,

So Rise Up Indians

The World Will Not Change If You Do Nothing To Change It – Cesare Borgia