Did Arvind Kejriwal Live up to his promises?

Did Arvind Kejriwal Live up to his promises?

1- Kejriwal Promised no Contesting election – He formed party and yes contested elections  

2- Kejriwal Promised he Dosent Want CM seat – He Became CM

3- Kejriwal Promised to NEVER take support of Congress  or BJP – He accepted the support of Congress graciously

4- Kejriwal Promised He wont take Security of CM house- He graciously took both

5- Kejriwal Promised he does not knw Sandeep Dikshit (son of Sheila Dikshit) – He Lied – He did know him and met him often

6- Kejriwal  Promised Conviction of Sheila Dikshit in CWG Scam -Had 200 Pages of charges ready before elections, and when he was in government there was

 Pin Drop Silence, And Ran Away

7- Kejriwal Promised Reduction in Power Bills and Water Bills by Reducing Corruption – What he did do = Gave Subsidies from Taxpayer money and Ran away !

8- Kejriwal Promised Women’s Security – Aai ? wo Kya hota hai , Nothing Done !!

9- Kejriwal Promised they will teach other politicians how to govern – He sat on Dharna and stalled city and business, traffic  for hours creating havoc and anarchy in Delhi

10- Kejriwal Promised to Never Contest Lok Sabha Elections – He stopped working on Delhi to prepare for Lok Sabha Elections, now he is all set to make contest from 100 Seats nationally

11- Kejriwal Promised Jan Lok Pal Bill – He Quit !

12- Kejriwal Promised Action on Robert Vadra – After Elections – Muffler Mama says — Rabert , Kaun Rabert ?

13- Kejriwal Promised That Both Parties are corrupt and bad – But see the Huge bias against Modi camp and favoring Congress –
Kejri and supporters Dost Miss a Chance to Call Cheap Names to Modi – But Sonia is untouchable , Never once have he (or they) have said anything against her doings.

In-fact his Buffon is head bent on harping corruption charges on Ambanis – by even saying his Swiss bank Account Numbers but KEJRI never ONCE , NEVER ONCE asks Sonia to reveal her accounts , Even when It is out in the open in Swiss Media, that she got kickback in Bofors !!

14- Kejriwal Promised he will help bring back black money – NEVER ONCE he ASKED CONGRESS WHO ALREADY HAS THE LIST  WITH 200 NAMES to be out in the open or did or speak up on the issue of black money !!
And this list is never ending ,

He should make one promise , to fulfill all his promises !!!

Or else it looks like he is not like other politicians, but he is the worst of the lot, the biggest Liar –  Mr. LIARvind Kejriwal !!


The AAP Con Joke

When Kejriwal , Yogendra Yadav and went to “India’s House ”


Mera Congress leaning secret Sab Ko Pata Chal Gaya !!! Image Courtesy – Firstpost

Arvind  – Knock Knock

India – Who’s There ?

Arvind – Ji AAP

India – Ji AAP Kaun ?

Yogenrda Yadav – Yes AAP-Con

Arvind – Bloody Hell even She Knows AAP and Congress are on the same Side !!


Seven Point Plan to Counter AAP

People In The BJP are Worried about AAP – Even though it is a seasoned Party with an Ace of Spade in its Hand — Not Expected this from them !!

Strategy is simple –

Narendra Modi Could Counter Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP by MAKING PUBLIC by making his Action Plan and agenda on
1- Finance and Economics
2- Foreign Policy
3- Plan for Students
4- Plan for Womens Safety n Empowerment
5- Action fr Anti-Corruption
6- What will you do to Corrupt in Congress and BJP camp
7- Expose Yougendra Yadav’s Proximity to Congress

Every one would like to know the concrete plan which Modi is offering as compared to nothing which the AAP/ Congress is offering except rolling out freebies and appeasement cards.

People will vote for track record over inexperience in national and world politics. Especially people perceived to be with Congress.

It would be great to see a fair fight between a Man to Man Fight on strength – conviction – track record – people connect and agendas !  But Unfortunately the fight is not fair .   With the whole media including newspapers, magazines , radio and television being used to counter Modi by projecting the AAP and constantly demonizing Modi . There is no competition between a  National Leader and a City / State Leader,  which Narendra Modi would have won hands down, the real fight is with this biased Media, the congress party and the corrupt regime which unfortunately is supporting the AAP from behind.

We Can see Arvind Kejriwal just as a ‘preliminary exam’ before the Borad exam for Narendra Modi.

Overcoming this small challenge would be a step ahead in dethroning the dynasty.

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