Hate Speech is NOT Free Speech – Pune Techie – Mob Violence case? Is Media Biased ?

In India – it is common to find people who abuse their right to ”Free Speech” to make ”Hate Speeches” ,

Thugs who would vitiate the social media space with hate filled messages are as anti-social as pedestrian communal goon or probably more as they feel more comfortable with like minded elements on Facebook or Twitter.

At the same breath it must be said with equal weight that –

In India Intolerant – Mob Violence has always been more speedy than the local sluggish administration, also other ‘napunsak’ Indians watch or just walk away rather than calling in the rapid action cops

Both Wrong ! Both have violated their free speech, one more violently than the other. Both must be reprimanded and glad to know the violent mob has been arrested, would hope they be tried for murder of an innocent – unarmed techie.

But Media wont say anything on the first one, but will speak with a Communal Tone probably to polarize public opinion in Pune before Maharashtra Assembly Polls !

Looks like Congress doesnt want to get a wash out in these elections so creating fear in Minorities , to secure their ”Secular Vote” Expect these things to happen more so that the Media can do a TV trial and condemn anything near Sena-BJP , and secure lesser votes for Sena-BJP !

Hope the Newly Elected Gov representatives under PMO India looks into the matter at the earliest to foil the evil plans hatched in evil minds.

Creating a more tolerant and secure society is the duty of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra which he is failing miserably. Always acting after the incident has taken place rather than preempting and strategizing.





World Leaders Line up to Ally With Narendra Modi lead strong India


Narendra Modi during his Victory Speech in Vadodra , Gujarat 16th May 2014

Before even entering office of the Prime Minister this Backward calss Chaiwala, OBC , real AAM ADMI – Narendra Modi has spoken to

1- Prime Minister of UK David Cameron
2- Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif
3- President of Afghanistan – Hamid Karzai
4- President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa
5- Prime Minister of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed (Anni)
6- Prime Minster of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina n Opposition leader
7- Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
8- President of China – Xi Jinping
9- Prime Minister of Australia – Tony Abbott
10- Prime Minister of Isreal – Benjamin Netanyahu
11- Bhutan King – Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck , felicitated #Modi on his grand victory

12- And finally Latecomer Embarrassed and confused President of USA- Barak Obama


Narendra Modi has a line of allies wanting to work strongly with him , these all people called Modi as soon as they heard of Indian Election Results – See the positivity and Radiance of Strength for the Very First Time. Good luck Narendra Modi to make India a strong country with good relations with countries all over the world.

Indian Game of Thrones

Indian Game of Thrones is nearing its finale´

There is a Shrill silence in the corridors of Lutyens Delhi

An icy cold shiver is running down the spine of the Nehruvian mindset India

The worst nightmare of d corrupt – nasty and dynasty is turning into reality

They can do NOTHING , but to stare – shocked and bewildered at what struck them and wait for the eventuality

300+ Modi is Coming

Did Arvind Kejriwal Live up to his promises?

Did Arvind Kejriwal Live up to his promises?

1- Kejriwal Promised no Contesting election – He formed party and yes contested elections  

2- Kejriwal Promised he Dosent Want CM seat – He Became CM

3- Kejriwal Promised to NEVER take support of Congress  or BJP – He accepted the support of Congress graciously

4- Kejriwal Promised He wont take Security of CM house- He graciously took both

5- Kejriwal Promised he does not knw Sandeep Dikshit (son of Sheila Dikshit) – He Lied – He did know him and met him often

6- Kejriwal  Promised Conviction of Sheila Dikshit in CWG Scam -Had 200 Pages of charges ready before elections, and when he was in government there was

 Pin Drop Silence, And Ran Away

7- Kejriwal Promised Reduction in Power Bills and Water Bills by Reducing Corruption – What he did do = Gave Subsidies from Taxpayer money and Ran away !

8- Kejriwal Promised Women’s Security – Aai ? wo Kya hota hai , Nothing Done !!

9- Kejriwal Promised they will teach other politicians how to govern – He sat on Dharna and stalled city and business, traffic  for hours creating havoc and anarchy in Delhi

10- Kejriwal Promised to Never Contest Lok Sabha Elections – He stopped working on Delhi to prepare for Lok Sabha Elections, now he is all set to make contest from 100 Seats nationally

11- Kejriwal Promised Jan Lok Pal Bill – He Quit !

12- Kejriwal Promised Action on Robert Vadra – After Elections – Muffler Mama says — Rabert , Kaun Rabert ?

13- Kejriwal Promised That Both Parties are corrupt and bad – But see the Huge bias against Modi camp and favoring Congress –
Kejri and supporters Dost Miss a Chance to Call Cheap Names to Modi – But Sonia is untouchable , Never once have he (or they) have said anything against her doings.

In-fact his Buffon is head bent on harping corruption charges on Ambanis – by even saying his Swiss bank Account Numbers but KEJRI never ONCE , NEVER ONCE asks Sonia to reveal her accounts , Even when It is out in the open in Swiss Media, that she got kickback in Bofors !!

14- Kejriwal Promised he will help bring back black money – NEVER ONCE he ASKED CONGRESS WHO ALREADY HAS THE LIST  WITH 200 NAMES to be out in the open or did or speak up on the issue of black money !!
And this list is never ending ,

He should make one promise , to fulfill all his promises !!!

Or else it looks like he is not like other politicians, but he is the worst of the lot, the biggest Liar –  Mr. LIARvind Kejriwal !!

Kapil Sibal LIES in our Parliament accuses BJP of 2002

Today Kapil Sibal LIED in our parliament –

Yes the lair lawyer said Gujarat Riots were State Sponsored – Insulting the intelligence and verdict of the supreme court – and also shamelessly spreading falsehood in our parliament in spite of being caught with pants down in 2G CWG Coal Scam and Arms Scam – and just to remind Mr. Kapil Sibal , infamously called #ZeroSibal for his Zero Loss remark on 2G Scam !

State Sponsored Communal Activity was when 5 Lakh Kashmiri Pandits were TERRORIZED and KICKED OUT Mr. #ZeroSibal which Congress Party so conveniently forgets

State Sponsored Corrupt Activity
State Sponsored Minority Appeasement Activity
State Sponsored Failure to Govern
State and Public Sponsored – Neta ka ”inactivity”
And Latest,
State Sponsored – ANARCHY !!
has been in the DNA of Congress party! It looks like- Congressmen are hell bent on loosing these elections to Narendra Modi !

And more importantly – Kapil Sibal has raised an important issue – the conduct of MPs in Parliament , what action should be taken on people who LIE’ or spread Propaganda in Parliament ? Should Kapil Sibal be punished? He the PM and the whole Congress is accused of – Minority Appeasement , Polarising people , and scraping skin and keeping the wound fresh, why not have a clean parliament  , better topics to debate and help the country progress faster !

A case was put on Ms. Kiren Bedi during the anti- corruption agitation , what about these Liars like Sibal ? What about Ashvini Kumar who too was caught changing the CBI report before giving it to the Supreme Court ?

There is a code of conduct in public life for everyone why should a neta be spared ?

Congress leaning TOI – Here’s the proof


Are You Reading Paid or Biased or Coloured News
Courtesy http://www.bhartiyapaksha.com

See the Brazen bias by The Times of India

Gullible people believe this Congress news paper and then term the news they read as ”facts”

Salman Khan said to an interview to Headlines Today – That he is really impressed by the development in Gujarat and happy to see the way Modi and his staff treated people especially women, he was all praises for Narendra Modi but he did not want to name the PM or say any thing against any PM nominee as , he says –

I do not want to go into the PM issue AS Any statement from me would influence millions of people –

where as headline in the times of India (page 8) was

”Modi needn’t apologize for riots for I don’t back him for PM post – Salman”


Courtesy – Narendra Modi website

It would be excellent if Salman Khan or Modi or BJP or the press council or even the election commission take cognizance

e and required action against this news paper as this is not the first instance at the open bias showed by The Times of India newspaper.

Also Will TIMES NOW now question their own conscience and their own sister print newspaper for this open bias?

Do we call this as #PaidMedia by Congress which is promoting anti-Narendra Modi agendas and influencing millions of people by repeatedly serving them with Anti- Modi news DAILY ON THEIR BREAKFAST TABLE !

We need fair and balanced Journalists and Media Houses and We all need to speak up against biased journalism by writing to their editors of respected media house and/or the Election Commission (as it is election season)  and/or complaining to the Press Council of India here ->

Address your complaints or inquiries to :
The Secretary,
Press Council of India,
Soochna Bhavan, 8-C.G.O. Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Email : pci@alpha.nic.in, pcids@vsnl.net

So Rise Up Indians

The World Will Not Change If You Do Nothing To Change It – Cesare Borgia

Rajdeep, all media houses including yours have interviewed and questioned Opposition Party leaders, right from the smallest MLA to the Leader of Opposition (LoP). The two LoPs; Arun Jaitly and Sushma Swaraj in-fact are so accessible, and are even very vocal about their views on blogs and even on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  You have also question even the tallest leaders of political party in the opposition. Be it L. K.Advani  or Narendra Modi , Nitin Gadkari or even the BJP Party President Rajnath Singh. It is a totally different matter whether the questioning is done rightly or wrongly, but it is done- in a robust manner.

Rajdeep Sardesai - Is he helping in protecting Sonia, Congress and her party colleagues?

(Image Courtesy- CnnIbn Website)

But why is it so that never in this existing life have Indian’s seen any media house or journalist including you question the Party Leaders of the ruling party with the same vigor? Why is it that you take such a partisan stand and never question the President of the Ruling party Sonia Gandhi ever? And Rahul Gandhi too shielded until few weeks ago- (not shielded after he shot his mouth off in a questionable number of times).

Why is it that you have allowed Sonia Gandhi to be untouchable to any media scrutiny? And not just Sonia it goes for many congress members, like Ashvini Kumar’s return to normal work with the PM even after vetting the CBI report before submitting it to the Supreme Court, Abhishek Manu Singhvi Returned after the ugly episode of him in the the Supreme court Chambers, and the list is endless.

This comes as a stark contrast when we see debates after debates on what Modi’s one sentence or one flip flop – in a two hour long address become breaking news.  Which often become media fodder for days and weeks. Also invoking intervention from such a diverse backgrounds. So it is difficult to not attribute motives to media, when you see people and journalists with colored agendas, representation from minority communities, or NGOs with little credibility, they all find space on your tv panel discussions. It is almost as if the MEDIA is building up hate for BJP – Modi on all sections of people on one hand and The one-who-cannot-be-named policy for Sonia Gandhi with ZERO Questions Asked. She is in public life and cannot escape responsibility if journalists like you worth your salt go behind her. And as the phrase goes, which  applies to Sonia, Manmohan, Rahul and the ruling congress the most is

”if you cannot stand the heat (media questioning) she shouldnt be in the kitchen?”

So in short – ”Rajdeep, why is it so that never in this existing life have Indian’s seen any media house or journalist including you question and goes after the Party Leaders of the ruling party specifically party president Sonia Gandhi the way in which you (as in media in general) hound Narendra Modi ?”