Hate Speech is NOT Free Speech – Pune Techie – Mob Violence case? Is Media Biased ?

In India – it is common to find people who abuse their right to ”Free Speech” to make ”Hate Speeches” ,

Thugs who would vitiate the social media space with hate filled messages are as anti-social as pedestrian communal goon or probably more as they feel more comfortable with like minded elements on Facebook or Twitter.

At the same breath it must be said with equal weight that –

In India Intolerant – Mob Violence has always been more speedy than the local sluggish administration, also other ‘napunsak’ Indians watch or just walk away rather than calling in the rapid action cops

Both Wrong ! Both have violated their free speech, one more violently than the other. Both must be reprimanded and glad to know the violent mob has been arrested, would hope they be tried for murder of an innocent – unarmed techie.

But Media wont say anything on the first one, but will speak with a Communal Tone probably to polarize public opinion in Pune before Maharashtra Assembly Polls !

Looks like Congress doesnt want to get a wash out in these elections so creating fear in Minorities , to secure their ”Secular Vote” Expect these things to happen more so that the Media can do a TV trial and condemn anything near Sena-BJP , and secure lesser votes for Sena-BJP !

Hope the Newly Elected Gov representatives under PMO India looks into the matter at the earliest to foil the evil plans hatched in evil minds.

Creating a more tolerant and secure society is the duty of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra which he is failing miserably. Always acting after the incident has taken place rather than preempting and strategizing.





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