Modi Dance – A Tribute to Apra Thaliva

A Tribute to Apra Thaliva For Getting a clean chit yet again and coming out more powerful, victorious from the dirty congress propaganda politics-  

”This is the tribute to Apra Thalaivar

Moochhon ko thoda round ghumake
NaMo ke jaisa chashma lagake
Coconut me Chass milake
Aa jaao sare mood banake (x2)

All the Modi fans – Thalaivar
Don’t miss the chance – Thalaivar
All the Modi fans – Thalaivar
Don’t miss the chance – Do This!

Modi dance, Modi dance…

Parliament me jab ye gana bajega
On the floor aana padega
PC ko – Lungi ko uthana padega
Garba karke dikhana padega (x2) 😉

Jitna Vendeta Politics Karna Hai KarLo
CBI, Media, Aur Fake Case Bhi Karlo,
Mera Marzi Mai Garba Karega,
Kisi ka Mummy Se Ni Darega,

Kon Kehta hai Kon,

RahuL Baba is JUST a baby corn,
Oh Baby ,  I am air borne,
Come Twenty14 ill be Sworn,
And Congress will just have to mourn !!
Nahi milega mujhsa go find it!
Don’t angry me, mind it!

Modi Dance – Modi  Dance – Modi Dance – Modi Dance …..

Prepared with inputs from the super hit Chennai Express song sung by – Yo Yo Honey Singh 

PS- I seriously considered Replacing Thailva with Thepla, but to retain the essence of the Tamil word Thaliva – Meaning THE LEADER – has been kept 🙂

Contents of this blog post may have a sarcastic connotations on politicians, no intentions to hurt feelings of any one what so ever.



Excellent Move By Sonia Gandhi -Its A Check move for Mr . Narendra Modi and the BJP

It is NOT a Check Mate yet though !!

So the thing goes  this way-A Secret Meeting from Congress Representatives and With Representatives from Anna Camp at Farm house in Maharashtra discussing as to when or how Fast will Proceed and following which the Congress would Pass the Diluted Lok Pal Bill , following which Anna would break his Fast and as per the deal Congratulates and Gives Credit to Mr. Shehzada  (Source of news-  times now)

On the Other hand AAP and Arvind Keep saying its a Joke-Pal Bill and not a Lok Pal Bill and give the perception that it is against IAC and Congress at the same time give a huge sham of a asking people if AAP should form Government in Delhi.

AAP wants to form government with Cong but does not want to do it openly so it is hiding behind some pseudo perception and saying that let the people decide if they should ally with congress or the BJP -and they would go with the majority- Clearly MISSING The extremely huge thing that people of Delhi have given a majority to the BJP and have rejected Congress party so pathetically that it got only 8 seats !!  Mandate of Majority of Indians will be rejected and a dirty politics played to ultimately block Narendra Modi from becoming the PM (source times of India)
Arvind Kejriwal will contest from Gujarat and start campaining from January 26th in Gujarat to ”clean up” and ”expose Modi” and see to it that BJP vote bank is split and limit Narendra Modi to Gujarat and waste his time in solving fake issues and exposes blown out of proportion in Gujarat with the help of Paid-Media- CBI and other illicit means !

Anticipating or knowing the opponents move is always of advantage and now the ball is Bharatiya Janata Party’s and Narendra Modi’s court !

Next Move will be played on 22nd December by Narendra Modi during the Mumbai Rally ! Shehzada will get open answer , Kejriwal will have to study his speech to get his answer !