Manish Tewari and His Insult Drone Missile

Manish Tweari the eletist Infomation & Brodcasting Minister of India indirectly compared an Opposition Party PM candidate Narendra Modi to Hitler at 44th International FILM FESTIVAL IN BJP ruled GOA yesterday !!

At an international event, which is also India’s best tourist destination for global tourists¬† – THIS Minister has SHAMED -THE Indian democracy – Indian Courts of Law- Indian Investigative Agencies -and above all the intelligence of 6 and half Crore Gujaraties who voted him to power 3 times in a row -and Indians all over India and Globe !

He caused the feeling of extreme repulsive disgust to most of India who will democratically oust this Minister and his party out for breaching code of decency , he crossed the Laxman Rekha ! His image and respect has also gone down because of the party he supports, it is perceived that their ethics are at an all time low , corruption scandals beating most global scam limits, and the deplorable manner in which they have been running this country. It is unfortunate to see that he too has become a sycophantic zealot and seems to be nothing but another Mafioso puppet ,being made to speak absolute garbage at regular intervals. I would say another intelligent brain – in the drain.

Manish Tewari is a habitual offender, during Anna Jan Lok Pal Agitation he had said in his arrogant manner ” YE Anna BaBurao Hazare SAR SE PAU TAK bhrashtachaar me Dooba hua admi hai” (this man Anna Baburao Hazare is DRENCHED in Corrupt from Head to Toe) . He addressed team anna and respected people like Kiran bedi and other civilians supporting the anti-corruption movement as Fascist and Nazis. Of-course he apologized for the remark after the Courts rapped him . But now he is back to his usual and addresses Modi supporters in the same repugnant manner as facists.

Manish Tewari had also mocked the powers of CAG and PAC. He had earlier also mocked the BJP ‘s democratic process of PM nominee selection, and out country’s democratic process. Yes he had guts to do that even though the party which he belongs to (INC) is run from 10 Janpat and another Minister from congress has the audacity to say whats wrong if India has two power centers, and this is a better MODEL OF GOVERNANCE- this power sharing model between PM and Smt. Sonia Gandhi ! People skeptically say Sonia ji is running the country , earlier they used to deny, now their brazenness and shamelessness has reached to such a level that they accept that, if not 100% , 50% power definitely PM does not have rest 50% is definitely with Sonai Ji. How the hell is the PM supposed to run the country and take any decision- in an impartial manner if another half dictates pure congress political agendas? What about the time lost in this?

Coming back to Manish’s vulgar insinuation, I would feel this SHOULD created extreme grave embarrassment to ALL lawyers and Judges of India, because this is a direct challenge to the law of the land. Their conduct is just arrogance and it reflects as if
”who cares about your judgement, WE have the power – We Dictate terms”

This time by the Hitler remark and playing politics at an International Film Festival that too in Goa – Manish Tewari stooped to Outrageously loathsome levels. If the Lawmakers, Election commission and the Party to which Narendra Modi belongs doesn’t Act THIS time, EC – Courts & BJP ALL should die in shame.

Comments and jibes by him , Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer , Mr Digvijay Singh are not just caustic but they are extremely Nasty- Filthy and in very bad taste. For the Hitler comparison , time and again by these three netas, I would call this the ‘ MAUT KA SAUDAGAR of 2014- an Insult Drone missile !!

Had this Comparison of a Democratically THRICE elected CM and tall Opposition leader and next Prime Minister to a landed in Mumbai, Mumbaikars would have given him good – just like they gave Rahul Gandhi at Wanhkede !!!!!

At a personal level, Manish Tewari speaks very very eloquently and is a lawyer by profession, is a Union Minister , MP from Ludhiana, . He is not only a lawyer but also has an MBA degree , an has a huge law firm, M/s. Tewari & Associates based in Delhi and offices in all major cities of India. Manish Tewari has huge experience in working as a lawyer in HC and SC, as a excellent congress spokesperson and a congress defender on television debates, and ALSO has experience in income tax dept of Delhi HC. He is knowledgeable, Intelligent and a shrewd politician. It would be of great help to Indian to see educated, hard working, experienced and intelligent person like him contesting elections for leader of Opposition in 2014 from congress party ,
********OF-COURSE without the sycophant and abusive part ******.